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Certain products offered through frostmychaps.com are sold through order fulfillment centers that imprint frostmychaps.com art on items and ship from their facilities. We have Shops within their web site domain named frostmychapsPF for printfection.com and frostmychapsCP for cafepress.com . While frostmychaps.com has determined their products and printing method to be acceptable to us, you need to know that we have no direct control over the quality or any other issues that may arise from products shipped from them. in the unlikely event of a problem you would need to contact them. However, we would appreciate being made aware of any problem you may have with any product that has our art on it, and we are willing to help within the limits of our influence with these affiliates .

Product Care
Simply put with genuine frostmychaps.com shirts with screened on artwork, we recommend;

  • turn the shirt inside out
  • machine wash cold
  • line dry.
This method will preserve the artwork best and results in no changes due to shrinkage.

If you must use a dryer, use a low heat setting but we still can't guarantee against changes in dimension if you do. But hey you know all this stuff already we're just trying to help you keep the shirt looking good for as long as you can. shipped directly by frostmychaps.com,

With shirts shipped from printfection or cafepress.com it's safe to say the same method as above would be best.

Magnetic Bumper Stickers-
Soon we'll be posting official product care instructions from the manufacturer of our magnetic backing material until then follow a few simple rules.
  • Clean and dry the surface well before adhering to vehicle
  • Don't let the magnet stay on the same place on a car for long periods especially on brand new cars. Move it around occasionally, maybe every ten days or so.
  • Begin romoving them by lifting under straight edges or sides not by lifting at the corners.
  • Store them flat